Your business news is also a headline

A great part of the headlines appearing in the media were born in press releases and then delivered to journalists. Your business could also be in the headlines. Create your own press release and we will give them the exposure they deserve.

Create your press releases

We offer you a complete dashboard to create and customize your press releases. The process will guide you step by step so that you yourself can create a professional press release in a few minutes. In your user administration you can create your press releases, plan your distribution, save and edit your drafts, see impact reports, etc. We offer you the most complete communication tool for your business

Adding improvements to your press release generates the best results

Customized linksThe best way to draw attention to your site is by redirecting people interested in your communications.

Attach images and videosIt is known that news with images and multimedia content have a higher aperture ratio and generate more interest.

Include your press kitFacilitate the work of journalists by including a press release about your company, that will help them write more complete news about you.

Schedule your new releasesSelect the date you want your press release distributed to cause the greatest impact.

Visibility in social networksWe attached a set of social buttons to all your press releases in order to easily share your news on social networks.