The 13th edition of the Miami New Media Festival 2018 in Aruba kicked off

The Aruba Art Fair 2018 in San Nicolás was the first stop on the itinerary of the largest creative coalition of new media in the world. Miami, Bogota, Rome, Santo Domingo, Caracas and Valencia (Spain) will follow

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The 13th edition of the Miami New Media Festival (MNMF) began its international itinerary with great success at the largest art fair in the Caribbean, the Aruba Art Fair 2018, which received more than 20,000 visitors from October 2 to 7. The first stop presented three curatorships that opened the reflection between the relationship between human beings and water, its conservation and its influence on memory.

This new edition includes 18 audiovisual proposals selected through the Open Call, under the theme "Water, Heritage and Climate Change", which are presented together with 50 guest artists with visions as varied as their origins. Thus, MNMF 2018 passes through an unpublished selection of 68 creators from countries in the Americas, Europe and other more distant latitudes such as Singapore, South Korea and even Australia. All brought together thanks to the efforts of the Arts Connection Foundation, Concrete Space and the support of the Cultural affairs of the city of Miami.

Varied cultural agenda

In addition to the selection of artists who participated in the Open Call, in Aruba was presented with great success and thanks to the sponsorship of the foundations UNOCA, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and Vertegenwoordiging van Nerderland of the government of Holland, the curatorship Poetics of the coast. A project conceived by the Venezuelan artist Nelson González, who has been based in Aruba for 20 years, which offers an encounter with the audiovisual works of Natusha Croes (Aruba), Avantia Danberg (Curacao), Maksaens Denis (Haiti), Adonis Ferro (Cuba), Joscelyn Gardner (Barbados-Canada), David Gumbs (Guadalupe) and Oscar Leone (Colombia).

The special guest of the Aruba Art Fair was Nina Dotti, with her participatory performance El Despojo. Also presented was the workshop Poéticas del Cuerpo, with Adonis Ferro and Olga Gabrielle; and Gerardo Zavarce's curatorial selection returned, Metáforas de la emergencia, which through video art confronts the spectator with the Venezuelan political reality. An event under the general curatorship of Venezuelan Jimmy Yánez, whose essence managed to revitalize public space, transforming the streets of San Nicolas into a great open-air museum.

Aruba was just a prelude to what is to come. The date for the great official opening of MNMF 2018 is at Paseo Wynwood in Miami (United States), on Wednesday, October 10 at 9:00pm. The curatorships 'Water Landscape, Environment, and Heritage'; 'Video Art and Robotics + New Media + Virtual Reality?'; 'Guest Artists + Open Call Selected Artists'; 'FIU Emerging Art'; and 'Nodo CCS Video Festival Selection' will be presented. In Miami, the festival also includes exhibitions, screenings, multimedia talks, video performances and conversations in art galleries, experimental centers and even at the Miami Institute of Photography. To see the details of the program visit:


The third stop of the Miami New Media Festival 2018 will be in Colombia, at the Barcú Art Fair, which will be held October 24-29 in Bogotá. The MNMF will continue in Italy with two major events: the 27th of October at the closing party of Rome Art Week, and the 2nd to 4th of November with a special screening at the Macro Asylum, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome. It will be followed by the Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Spain.

After 13 years of trajectory, the Miami New Media Festival 2018 has become the largest creative coalition of new media, born in the Caribbean and Latin America for the world. This year the festival beats its own record of alliances to go from 4 countries in 2017 to 7 in 2018. "It is the year of the consolidation of an infrastructure of cultural enterprises that was born in Venezuela in 2004 and today has managed to bring together 3 museums, 4 international art fairs, 10 cultural spaces and 3 universities from Latin America and Europe," explained Andreina Fuentes, founder of Arts Connection.

For more information about the invited artists and the program visit the official website of the Miami New Media Festival.

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